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Visual and Performing Arts

GEP Summer Course Offerings

CourseClass SectionUnitsLong TitleTermSessionInstructorMode
COM 1106013Public SpeakingSS1 245WDistance Education
COM 1106023Public SpeakingSS1 245WDistance Education
COM 1100013Public SpeakingSS2 245WSopher,Mindy B.On Campus
COM 1106013Public SpeakingSS2 245WFennimore,JackDistance Education
COM 1106023Public SpeakingSS2 245WDistance Education
ENG 2820013Introduction to FilmSS1 245WMerchant-Knudsen,TravisOn Campus
ENG 2926013Writing About FilmSS2 245WJohnston,Andrew RobertDistance Education
GC 1200013Foundations of GraphicsSS1 245WSchettig,Erik JamesDistance Education
MUS 1806513Introduction to Musical ExperiencesSS1 2410WPetters,Robert B.Distance Education
MUS 2006013Understanding Music: Global PerspectivesSS1 245WDistance Education
MUS 2006013Understanding Music: Global PerspectivesSS2 245WKramer,Jonathan CharlesDistance Education
MUS 2106013Introduction to Popular Music: 1950s-1970sSS1 245WKoch,TomDistance Education
MUS 2606013History of JazzSS1 245WParker,WesDistance Education
TDE 3510013Ceramics: The Art and Craft of ClaySS1 245WMiller,Steven LeroyOn Campus