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Global Knowledge

GEP Summer Course Offerings

CourseClass SectionUnitsLong TitleTermSessionInstructorMode
AFS 2406013African CivilizationSS1 245WMatthews,AleciaDistance Education
AFS 2406013African CivilizationSS2 245WNjie,Haddy MDistance Education
ANT 2520013Cultural AnthropologySS1 243WDoll,Christian JosephOn Campus
ANT 2526013Cultural AnthropologySS2 245WGreene,Alison CampbellDistance Education
ANT 2616013Technology in Society and CultureSS1 245WJicha,Karl ArmstrongDistance Education
CLA 2106013Classical MythologySS1 245WHeinen,DustinDistance Education
CS 2246513Seeds, Biotechnology and SocietiesSS1 2410WEdmisten,Keith LDistance Education
ENG 2190013Studies in Great Works of Non-Western LiteratureSS1 245WOn Campus
ENG 2200013Studies in Great Works of Western LiteratureSS2 245WMainland,CatherineOn Campus
ENG 2750013ur leSS2 245WOn Campus
ENG 2820013Introduction to FilmSS1 245WMerchant-Knudsen,TravisOn Campus
ENG 3940013Studies in World LiteratureSS2 245WOn Campus
ES 1006013Introduction to Environmental SciencesSS1 245WLupek,MeganDistance Education
FL 2196013Studies in Great Works of Non-Western LiteratureSS1 245WFosque,Meredith GDistance Education
FLS 2026013Intermediate Spanish IISS2 245WCarson,Debbera AnneDistance Education
HI 2086013The Middle AgesSS1 245WVanVleck,Philip CDistance Education
HI 2216013British History to 1688SS1 245WSirota,Brent SDistance Education
HI 3426013Global Environmental HistorySS2 245WRobins,Nicholas ADistance Education
HUMG 2955013Humanities and Global Knowledge Special TopicsSS2 245WOn Campus
IDS 2016513Environmental EthicsSS1 2410WDistance Education
IDS 2016523Environmental EthicsSS1 2410WDistance Education
IDS 2206513The Science and Art of HappinessSS1 2410WSibley,Patsy AnneDistance Education
IS 2006013Introduction to International StudiesSS1 245WMurray,SethDistance Education
MEA 1006014Earth System Science: Exploring the ConnectionsSS2 245WFalk,LisaDistance Education
MUS 2006013Understanding Music: Global PerspectivesSS1 245WDistance Education
MUS 2006013Understanding Music: Global PerspectivesSS2 245WKramer,Jonathan CharlesDistance Education
PS 2316013Introduction to International RelationsSS1 2410WStruett,Michael JohnDistance Education
PS 2360013Issues in Global PoliticsSS2 245WMitin,DmitriOn Campus
PS 2416013Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSS1 2410WMitkov,ZlatinDistance Education
SOC 2616013Technology in Society and CultureSS1 245WJicha,Karl ArmstrongDistance Education
STS 3026513Contemporary Science, Technology and Human ValuesSS1 2410WDistance Education